The Solitude of Powder

16.06.2023 — 29.10.2023

Henryk Tomaszewski Museum of Theatre
pl. Wolności 7a

Wednesday-Saturday 11:00 — 17:00
Sunday 10:00 — 18:00

Elzbieta ‘Lalka’ Terlikowska’s solo exhibition, ‘The Solitude of Powder’, presents works by this expressive and distinctive artist created in her own technique. The essential motif of these distinctive ‘collages’ are portraits of women. We are shown anonymous faces, often with their eyes covered, without facial expressions or unnecessary emotions. This attitude of the women depicted arouses anxiety, making the woman’s face a kind of mask that she puts on, becoming even more mysterious, behind which bitterness or loneliness is often hidden. The exhibition is about the separateness and loneliness of women behind the poses they assume.

A strong inspiration in the art of the ‘Dolls’ is the Orient, particularly the art and culture of Japan, which shines through most strongly in the works on display. The exhibition’s thematic message was inspired by the ancient Chinese language nǚshu (literally ‘women’s writing’), which was only spoken by women. The writing was passed on in secret from men and served a utilitarian (letter exchange, poem writing), ornamental (in embroidery) and ceremonial function.