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The City Museum of Wrocław exist from 2000 and was created by merging three separate institutions with different profiles of activity: the Archaeological Museum, the Historical Museum, The Museum of Military, the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Museum of Medallic Art. In the same year a branch of the Museum of Bourgeois Art was also established. The latest seventh branch of the museum is the Henryk Tomaszewski Museum of Theatre. All the branches, while maintaining their autonomy, have a common management and administration and the Museum Council.

The director of the combined institutions is Maciej Łagiewski PhD. The architectural objects of the City Museum of Wrocław: the Old Town Hall, the Royal Palace, the City Arsenal and the Old Jewish Cemetery – are well known to Wrocław citizens and tourists. All of them – except the Old Jewish Cemetery – are located in the heart of Wrocław, in the Main Square or on its neighbourhood– in the oldest part of the medieval centre. This is where excursions and social gatherings take place, where the citizens of Wrocław walk, and where city celebrations are held.

All the objects of the museum are monuments with great historical, social and cultural importance for Silesia. The Museum conducts a rich scientific and educational activity. It is also the organizer of many temporary exhibitions, cultural events and scientific conferences.

The City Museum of Wrocław

Sukiennice 14/15,

50-107 Wrocław,

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e-mail: muzeum@mmw.pl

Press spokeswoman

Ewa Pluta

Old Town Hall

Sukiennice 14/15

50-107 Wrocław

tel. (71) 347-16-90