pl. Wolności 7a
50-071 Wrocław

wed.-fri. 11:00 — 17:00
sun. 11:00 — 17:00

The Henryk Tomaszewski Museum of Theatre is placed in the old Southern wing of the Royal Palace raised around 1945. The main goal of the Museum consists in presenting and promoting the output of Wrocław theatre stage considered to be one of the most important in Europe, with particular emphasis on commemorating the figure of a prominent artist – Henryk Tomaszewski. The history of Wrocław theatres after 1945 is presented on a permanent exhibition, among others Henryk Tomaszewski’s apartment was also reconstructed.

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Muzeum Teatru im. Henryka Tomaszewskiego
Pałac Królewski – skrzydło południowe
pl. Wolności 7a
50 – 071 Wrocław

Kierownik Muzeum Teatru im. Henryka Tomaszewskiego
Małgorzata Bruder

Kierownik administracyjny
Michał Robaczyński
tel. 71 391 69 40

Gabinet prof. Janusza Deglera
konsultacje – czwartek 13.00 – 14.00

Biblioteka teatrologiczna
czynna – wtorek, czwartek 12.00- 14.00